Summer was ending; we all felt it. We hadn't worked hard in weeks and we went out almost every night, but we decided to throw ourselves a party for simply being beautiful. The city was our playground and we were free to play all night. 
     We danced on the subway and drove without our license, and it was worth it all, for the wind-blown messiness of our hair. We were almost-famous, living a life that was similar to a socialite's, minus the luxury. 
     The summer was filled with cheap wine we drank from coffee mugs because the grapes tasted sweeter in the summertime. Every night was a different adventure, but sweetheart, it was all the same. Youth and freedom are the most potent of qualities, and we had them both. 
     Our parents kissed us goodnight while we laid under the covers of our own beds, blissfully unaware that fifty three minutes later, we would leave our beds empty and creep into the night. The monsters under our beds from childhood were the same monsters we met in the alleys of the city, tempting us to be sinister and to embrace our rebelliousness. 
     I can't tell you what we did or who we met, all I know is that I loved every minute of it. Years ago, at nine o'clock, I went to sleep. Now, I come alive. Fall is upon us, but we act like we don't know, and then we forget. It's easy to live like this for a while, 89 days and nights are not long enough. 
     We stopped routines; we lost all our habits and lived life on a strict rule of spontaneousness. We learned more than how to flip quarters to win a free drink off the bar tender or how to bump change of a stranger for a 3 a.m. after-party snack. We learned that life was full of contradictions, and no where was that more evident than my tattoo of the words, "nothings permanent." 
     They want us to sit in a classroom this September, so what? We've taught ourselves more lessons this season than I've received through nine years of public schooling. They'll take away our freedom and hand us responsibility, but darling, I've still got my black leather pumps and a pocket full of secrets.
So go ahead, take my picture baby. It might be worth something someday.


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