1. having a cappuccino in a bakery in Uptown, 2. view of Minneapolis from 349, 3. jasmine tea at the Asian market, 4. traveling home from Toronto 
1. pancakes from Perkins, 2. St. Paul on a clear winter morning, 3. Coldplay tickets!!!! yesss!, 4. making cake pops
1. season tickets to the Minnesota Wild games, 2. straight out of camera shot from all in the details, 3. fun glasses at Urban Outfitters, 4. my cute little Asian phone case 
1. wood iPhone case, 2. snowy drive in Canada, 3. my current obsession! oldie but goodie, 4. christmas cupcakes
1. hot chocolate at cafe barbette, 2. new room decoration, 4. valentine's day cupcakes, 4. doodling fun on my new chalkboard-paint wall

If you have an iPhone and have Instagram, you know how addicting it is! It's this great little app in which you can take a photo (or upload a photo you've already taken) via iPhone camera, edit it with one of the filters, and then share it with all of your friends. It's like Photoshop and Twitter combined into one, and I'm completely addicted. Instagram turns everyone into a photographer and makes it fun and easy to take and share pictures. You can check out more of my photos on my profile. My username is marissaablack. If you have Instagram, follow me!


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