queen of misery

You get so numb to a point where you don't feel anything. It's like waiting for the burn that never comes, despite how many times you've gotten caught up in the fire. I told him he was my toy, waiting for his next move. And when I saw a tear fall, I felt nothing.

It's like breaking hearts is as easy as breaking bottles. They told me to destroy what destroys you, so I never let love in. Keep your mind on yourself, keep your heart behind a wall. That's how we run things around here.

We're all no one until someone thinks that we're someone. You told me I shined like fireworks on a night sky and I just stared. You told me you wanted forever with me and I looked at my watch. You told me you loved me and I said, "thanks." You made me someone, but I couldn't return.

They all say I'll wind up lonely one day, that my mistakes will catch up to me. Heartbreaker; tease; queen of misery; I've heard it all. But believe me when I say that I try, sometimes, to open my heart. And I thought I loved you, but it was just the way you looked in the light.


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