wreak a little havoc

Brooklyn tough, Coney Island sweet. I'm your East Coast lover, ready to ride.

My heart's always beating 808's. When the future's bright as blow, you can afford to make a few mistakes along the way. In the playground, there were no rules. But everyone knew that you never got attached to something you could lose.

Bright city lights and still morning light. The world is a different place at 4 in the morning. Prone to solitude, but I found comfort in your touch. I owe it all to you, really. I couldn't have done it without my partner in crime.

Never one without the other, Bonnie and Clyde, we found our way out. We know we're not gonna change, keep hustling. We weren't doing anything vindictive, we were just wreaking a little havoc.

shirt: Pac Sun
jeans: American Eagle


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