stone cold

True and blue. I never stuck around when the weather got cold, because I was never really one to adjust. Coney Island cool, all mischief and cocktails. She had the most vivid dreams, she said. I could never relate. Insomniacs have terrible imaginations, anyways.

Stone cold heart with eyes to match. I was in the winter of my life. Things were sinking, dreams were fading, and I clung to the comfort in knowing that I could only go up from here. "Summer is coming, summer is coming," I just kept telling myself. People do pretty desperate things to avoid feeling alone.

Consumer of hearts, devourer of the spirits. I was attracted to anything that seemed alive. I think it was because I had lost it in myself. All that time, at the bar at 5th & Essex, I saw him. Magnetic, electric. He had a way with life that seemed so easy.

"I'm yours," I wanted to say. He was magic, and I was a waste of space.

dress: Urban Outfitters
jacket: H&M
boots: Forever 21
necklace: H&M
sunglasses: RayBan


  1. I am really loving all of your looks so far :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love this color on you. Totally envying that jacket.

    <3 Melissa