hustler's anthem

Around here, you pay to play. Apologies taste better soaked in champagne, the drugs are always free, and you never take responsibility for anything; it's all just part of the game. Your boredom is your freedom. Your youth is your weapon. Money is the motive.

The key to survival is neither intelligence nor strength, but the ability to adapt. Take everything with a "there's more where that came from" philosophy. You keep your cards close, your poker face straight, and you never discuss the hand you've been dealt. No one plans for tomorrow. It's a blessing if you even make it that far.

They've read a lot of books. We've lived a lot of life.

We're the dreamers, the movers, the shakers, the visionaries, the hustlers, the ones who have been there and said "no" to that. You've entered the badlands, you're on our turf now. Rules are just suggestions they make for the people who can't think for themselves. We are the American dream. We manifest our own destinies. The world is our oyster: we say if, we say when.

Hate us, fight us, join us. We don't really care.

the gods will offer you chances --
know them, take them.


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