you're all chrome

They don't want my love, they just want my potential. I used to have it all, until I couldn't help but burn it to the ground. It wasn't anything personal, I just liked the way the flames looked. My therapist told me that's a problem of mine: doing things for the sole purpose of amusement. "You're reckless," he said to me, "nothing more dangerous than a rebel without a cause."

I wanted to be the object of your affection, but I had trouble misbehaving. I can dress it up like a good girl, but I always slip when the nights get wild. Long hair, short dress, leather jacket. As much as I tried to hide it, I think you could tell that I had a wild side.

I just wanted it all: the money and the fame and the freedom and the fun and the love and the excitement and the potential. No one told me it couldn't be done, so it had to be done. I almost gave it all up for you, but I fell in love with myself instead. People should do that more: chose themselves.

It's your palace; your kingdom; your fairytale; burn it down, paint it black, and make everyday your birthday. Nobody can tell you otherwise.

Human's aren't entitled to happy endings; 
you must create your own.


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