Cherry princess; island queen; I forgot what it was like to not get what I want. It's all just affection until you add weight. There's a big difference between loving someone and loving the attention they give you. It took me a long time to realize that.

Play along, make my dream world, amuse me, if only for the night. I warned you when I told you my dreams were kaleidoscopes, and I hope you see that now. Forget reality: crawl into the rabbit whole and just tell me you're mine. Black magic, black hearts, is there really any difference?

She was magic, he was magic, they could have really been something if the timing was right. But, like all consolations: the darker the sky, the brighter the shine. And in the end, the darkness swallowed them both whole.

I can draw the line on the first date,
I don't have to exist outside of this place


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