bonnie & clyde

Passenger's seat, cruising down the west side. Eyes behind shades, I'm a soldier for you. Let's take a walk on the wild side. A little adventure never hurt anybody. We'll do it old school, Bonnie & Clyde style. She was summer: an eternally forgiving season of light, of love. Magnetic, electric. You forget who you are when you fall in love. And after her, summers were never the same.

The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, 
or into the air all around him. 
She had become a physical necessity. 
-George Orwell

shirt: forever 21
shorts: urban outfitters
belt: ralph lauren
bracelets: H&M
shoes: BGD
hat: ASOS
sunnies: ray-ban