warm weather warriors

Warm weather warriors, ain't no time like the summer time. Someone told me plants could move, but I didn't believe them. We ate the sweet fruits, the cold water, each other's hearts. Nothing was off limits and I liked it that way. Phoenix, that's where we were headed. We heard stories about the wild west as kids, and one day we decided it needed to be done.

Loving freer, living happier; the sunshine can do strange things to a person. I thirsted for the wild nights, the lonely stars, the warm summer air at three in the morning. You let your soul out of its cage when you let finally your hair down, when you finally let yourself let it go.

It was summer and I was falling in love. There was no one to blame.

floral blazer // H&M
shorts // thrifted
tank // Nasty Gal
dress // H&M
bandana // thrifted
boots // Hunter Wellington


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