malibu barbie

I got bored of the Hamptons so I set off for the west coast. I guess it was different, but I was still waking up in the middle of the afternoon to a penthouse view and clean white linens. Palm trees, warm air, eyes behind shades. Everything came easy. We played Barbie and Ken, the perfect couple, and blissfully fell asleep in our dream house each and every night.

If they tell you they're not chasing the fame, they're lying. Everybody wants this life, everybody wants to be us. Fast cars, faster women. Once you're in, there's no going back. We're all transplants from small towns with sad stories in our pockets and thirsty hearts in our chests. Manifest your fucking destiny. That's what my father always said.

There's a time and place for everything, but I always say it's here and now. He said he could give me the world, but I told him I had my own. You've never seen one like this before. I can get down, I can let it go, I can take it all. This was just the beginning.

All I ever wanted was the world.


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