don't kill my vibe

Take a chill pill, you're really killing my vibe. The suburbs was never home to me, I always felt like I was a little too weird for the neighbor's comfort. Beanie on, cigarette rolled, all black everything. You can be whatever you want to in life, so you might as well be bad. Wear your sunglasses at the dinner table, gamble on a Tuesday night, torch everything and leave no evidence. Eat, sleep, hustle, repeat. Forget what you've heard, cold hearts craving mischief are still hearts, too. Where'd we learn this flow? Yeezy taught us. 

Summer days at the corner store and summer nights riding around town. Trouble's on our mind but we've got smiles to make you believe otherwise. Paper plane swag, we're self-employed if you know what I mean. Black platforms, black jumpsuits, black beanies. The perfect outfit to wear between house parties and robbing banks. 

Daddy's money was too easy so we reverted back to our old ways. Doesn't really mean anything around here, anyways. The best weapon you've got to use around here is your quick wit. Clever ain't wise, but smart and poor is better than dumb and rich. I'm not here for long, though. The suburbs was never home to me and earth is a little overrated. Always on to the next thing, never stopping to catch a breath. 

body suit // American Apparel
skirt // Forever 21
backpack // Urban Outfitters
shoes // Urban Oufitters
beanie // ASOS
sunglasses // Target


  1. Love the cutsey vibe that the skirt gives off in comparison to all the black pieces. You look great. Stay fab