blooming daises

There was a simplicity about it: moving in and out as the tide, becoming one with the beautiful world that gave you somewhere warm to sleep at night. She was never alone, for she knew at all times that the universe was inside of her. Hearts are wild creatures, they always said. That's why they're trapped inside cages.

Everything in his being craved spring. He longed for the potent smell of freshly bloomed daises mixed with the light buzz from a long overdose of sunshine. She was his light, and he held her closer than she held him. He knew he was in too deep - he was always in too deep - but continued to love her whole-heartedly, fully, like she deserved to be love. Some nights she got so broken that she resented him for being whole.

Hands touching, hearts beating. It was the perfect recipe for an endless love. But she was swift like a gypsy, and as much as he honored her, she honored the universe. Incapable of loving another human being, she was too much of a dreamer to ever reciprocate feelings. Star child, alien lover. She belonged to something greater. It wasn't until she said goodbye when he realized she'd already given her heart away, a long time ago.


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