the promise land

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness; by money; by anything that could get our blood pumping and our feet running. It was that phase of destruction and rebellion without cause in which we never quite grew out of. There's something magic about igniting things. I thought I saw a fire when I looked into your eyes, but I realized that was just the reflection of the one you started in mine.

I've always admired the cool ones - those angel-headed hipsters that took long drags on their cigarettes and talked about Bukowski all day and never really seemed to ever be lost. Sometimes you're a slave to your own mind, sometimes you're a slave to someone else's. I want it all to be like shooting an arrow: you must go backwards before you move forward. I think that's why they called me baby - I was just a little too naive in this world.

If we're leaving, we're leaving for good. I had the shoes on my feet and the clothes on my back and for us, that was what the promise land was all about. Looking back, there was no other way to do it. I guess sometimes, in life, you have to lose everything every once in a while just to remind yourself that it all goes on. Rise in the east, set in the west. It could've all been so easy.


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