It's that Instagram update!

My oh my. In the past few months, I've published a yearbook, graduated high school, delivered a commencement speech, completed 90 straight days of working out, got another tattoo, and have enjoyed every minute of the crazy up-and-down chaos that is my life. I have VERY exciting news on the way (and trust me, if I'm using all-caps, it's THAT exciting) and will be hard at work this summer taking photos (if you're interested, check out this site), writing here and hopefully some more on Thought Catalog, organizing and working with students in Trinidad on One Day Water Project, while simultaneously relaxing this summer and embarking on the ultimate shenanigans with my friends. 

2014 is only half-way done, but I can already confidently say that it's been the best year so far. For everyone out there on their own journeys of soul searching, career searching, dream searching. . . Whatever it is you're looking for, I encourage you to soldier on, try your hardest at everything, take chances, and spread nothing but love and good vibes. The good energy will come back to you in the purest of forms & the most fitting of ways. 

Best to all!
Hope you all are enjoying your summers, and don't forget to take a deep breath & be happy!

xo, M


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