million dollar man

Slow and steady like a coal train on the most feeble of railroad tracks - that's how we rode, that's how we beat on. I've never met a man like that: he was this enigma of effortless cool, with pressed shirts and silver cufflinks and the world at his very feet. He had me wondering what a man like that could possibly see in a girl like me. I was just a messy-haired dreamer with bruised knees and bad luck. I can never describe to you what that felt like - having someone that great see something alive behind my tired old eyes.

I guess I got bored of waking up on kitchen floors, of saying "I'm still young enough," of climbing into bed with black-tar souls. I woke up one day and chose truth: the only safe ground to stand on. He was a blue-blooded, silver-spoon-fed, million dollar man, and he gave it all away for me. I think that, right there, is love: blindly following your heart - or someone else's - with no fear of how the chips may fall, how the story might end. Just a shake of the dice and you're on your way.

We shared linen sheets, cups of coffee, dreams of our future. It was something so pure with something so broken - it shouldn't have worked, but it did. Black and white, he was the star to my sky. Now, I sleep before 11:11. I never wait around for shooting stars.

sunglasses & shirt / target
skirt / Urban Outfitters


  1. Love your photos! What equipment/camera do you use? And how do you take such great shots!

  2. Love this! You're so cute :) And congrats on your internship to Nasty Gal! Do tell me how Sophia is, if you have the honor in meeting her #GirlBoss