in la with nasty gal

Earlier in 2014, I applied for the Ultimate Internship Experience, an initiative between Nasty Gal & Refinery 29 that featured a three-week internship in January with Nasty Gal (in LA) and another in May with Refinery29 (in New York), with travel and housing costs covered.

"Surprised" couldn't begin to describe how I felt when I was informed that I had, in fact, been selected for this unique opportunity. My mom and I spent a good two minutes dancing/crying/screaming/hugging (with poor Nasty Gal still on the phone, I might add) just to process the information. It was a one-in-a-million kind of moment, and being in LA actually working with them has been a one-in-a-million kind of experience. 

I left New York in early January, coming off of a hectic finals schedule and a crazy two weeks with family over the holidays. But every nerve in my body was excited - and that excitement lived in me throughout all my days, between learning the ropes and admiring the slayers/hustlers who make Nasty Gal the culture and brand that it is today. 

Throughout my time as an intern, Nasty Gal proved to embody the environment and mentality that it avidly promotes. Everyone is friendly, open to ideas, charismatic, and smart at what they do. They love the brand fiercely (and it's reflected in their work). It's a company that truly turns glitter into gold, and does everything with the customer at heart - something that's become rare in today's consumer world. 

From the amazing place Nasty Gal housed me in; to having my parents come visit; to spending the weekend at the beach with friends from home; to eating at Sugarfish way more than I needed to; to trading New York bagels for LA tacos; to thoroughly enjoying the sunny weather, I couldn't have asked for a more magical three weeks.

Next stop? Refinery29 in my home turf, New York City. Stay tuned... 

Special thanks to Kim, Nicole, Devan, and Emily at Nasty Gal - thanks for all that you taught me! xxo 


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