playlist: hot n' heavy

As if it really needed a proper explanation, this week's playlist hot n' heavy is a tribute to the buzz surrounding the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie (which has an equally sultry soundtrack, I might add). Whether you're actually having it out, or are busy fantasizing about your own Christian Grey (like me), this playlist is perfect for the birds & the bees & everything in between*. 

A couple stand-outs from this playlist are no doubt "Earned It" by The Weekend (which is just as seductive as it sounds), "U" by Mikky Ekko (for when you finally make it out of the Friend Zone), "I Put A Spell On You" by Nina Simone (for when you want to feel like a Bond girl), "Us" by Movement (for when it's 2 AM on a Friday night and you're thinkin' bout bae), "Partition" by Beyonce, aka homegirl (for when you're getting ready with the squad and your outfit's on-point), and "Do You There (feat. Marc E. Bassy)" by Skizzy Mars (for when you're about to seal the deal with the guy/girl you no doubt might have met on Tinder). 

*Disclaimer: "everything in between" is a purposefully broad statement - slow-paced music about human desire is just generally good music, whether that means you blast this playlist while you're cooking; while you're three glasses into that bottle of white whine; while you're trying to fall asleep; or while you're making your way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and you're homebound. Have no shame in putting the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack on full blast with zero intention of taking your clothes off, then tell me about empowerment. 


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