playlist: la / ny nights

I'm always an advocate of sad, slow songs (I'm a bit of a masochist that sense). But when I'm not looking to drag my mood into the dark abyss that is "good crying music," I always have trouble pin-pointing the right tunes for when I feel fun/independent/like driving down the highway really fast to music that makes me feel invincible. 

Enter the playlist, LA / NY NIGHTS. Aptly named for my experiences lately, it's a homage to all those songs that you want to blast when you feel young and free and on top of the world. It's a versatile collection of hip-hop/indie/alternative/pop (all with that I-don't-need-no-one-but-me/zero-fucks-given attitude) to play in the background whether you're on a rooftop at a party where you don't know anyone, a 'lil tipsy in your best friend's basement, cruising down the interstate at 3 AM, or getting ready to go out for the night. 

Some standouts that are favorites of mine include "Schemin Up" by OB OBrien/P Reign/Drake (for when you're feeling cocky and you're trying to pregame), "Unapologetic Bitch" by Madonna (for when you're ready to move on from the relationship that's only holding you back), "You're On" by Madeon (for when you really want to jam out in your bedroom), and "Cut Your Teeth - Kygo Remix" by Kyla La George/Kygo (for when it's dusk and you're feeling introspective). 

Let me know which songs have been your most-played/favorite this week!


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