playlist: wine & candles

A playlist near and dear to my heart, wine & candles is a compilation of any and every song that pulls on my heart strings. It's the kind of playlist that's birthed from those nights when you're home alone, wallowing in your own self-pity, filled to the brim with emotions from the seven rom-coms you just binge-watched on Netflix, the pack of Oreos you just ate, and the half full bottle of wine you've consumed. It's the kind of music that you need to hear when the only thing you can do is lie on your bed, light some stress relief candles, and wonder if anyone else has ever felt both this young and this broken (and yes, they have).

Like all good emotional playlists, it's filled with songs about the varying states of love: unrequited love, new love, old love, skinny love, lonely love. Basically any phase of a relationship can be defined through the songs in this playlist. I think my favorite thing about it (and why it never gets old for me) is because I can just click "shuffle" and take a walk down memory lane, remembering and appreciating all the happy, sad, nostalgic moments that I can relate to in these songs.

If I had to recommend my favorite songs, I would just list the contents of this playlist. But since neither of us have the patience for that, I'll (try to) narrow it down to just the golden few. Have a listen to "All Eyes On You" by St. Lucia (for when you're driving in the sunset thinking about the one that got away), "Bad Religion" by Frank Ocean (for when you realize you've caught mad feelings), "Under Your Spell" by Desire (for the walk home from that perfect date when you can still feel butterflies in your stomach), "Vienna" by Billy Joel (for when you feel lonely/overwhelmed/scared for the future), "All I Want" by Kodaline (for when they end up walking away), "Us Against the World" by Coldplay (for when you know you can't give up on them), "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash (for when you finally come to terms with being alone), and "Phantoms and Friends" by Old Man Canyon (for when you just feel numb).

I should also note that there are a few guilty pleasures thrown in there (i.e., some acoustic Katy Perry, some Adele, and, okay, like one Demi Levato song...), but stop pretending like they don't make you feel something and just succumb to the magic of letting out a good cry to some overly-sappy songs.


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