While it's no secret that I've become somewhat of a tattoo addict in recent years, I am especially satisfied with last night's addition to my little collection. I chose to get the word "divine" tattooed on my right wrist, as a daily reminder to myself that all things in life are orchestrated by a divine force, and I am part of that perfection.

On a personal note, I've never really been one for religion. But as I've grown up and experienced the highs and lows of life, I've began to realize the importance of spirituality. For me, it's simple. Every being on this earth is a soul full of light, and we have the power to tap into the divine love that surrounds us everyday. While this is a difficult thing to remind myself during trying times, I know that acknowledging a greater power is a part of making the conscious effort to put my selfish desires aside, and accept everything as a part of a larger plan the universe has in store for me. These are my own beliefs and thoughts, and I have no intention to change anyone's mind about how they view the world. But this tattoo is a symbol of that divine love, which exists in every single person.

There's a quote by Wayne Dyer that I always come back to: "Every moment in our life is orchestrated by a divine force. Even the strangers whom we are drawn to have something to teach us." I believe in the truth of those words, and this tattoo is just a little reminder to myself that I am, and always will be, a small piece of that divinity.


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