past lives

We have exhausted each other to the ends of the earth. The forces fought fiercely to bring us together, and yet, here we are: unimpressed with each other’s unchanging ways, pulling at the fibers of the sweater until it all falls apart. 

I get the feeling like this isn’t our first time, like in some other life, our spirits roamed the edges of the coastlines together, star-crossed warriors, making treks to the ends of the oceans in the name of an undying love we must have once shared. And here we are, in other bodies, in a different lifetime, our past lives now tired from all that they’ve endured, spirits now ready to beat down different paths - alone.  

With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay and you said hey man, I love you, but no fucking way. 

Your mind is a galaxy I’ve always tried to map. I wanted to romp along the narrow hallways and ever-changing paths, bringing light to dark corners as I grazed your walls with love at my fingertips. That’s the thing about love: it overrides hate simply by existing, the same way light eliminates darkness simply by shining. I think I tried to do that with you. I think I could never really figure it out. 

You wanted to destroy my sweater, so I gave you the thread as I walked away. We’ll never be like the forces that control us, we were always destined for an end. All I wanted was for the energy to work in our favor. The sun never says to the earth, “you owe me.” And look at what happens with a love like that - it lights up the whole sky.