playlist: deuces

Sometimes, endings are inevitable. The majority of the population consists of fickle humans who don't exactly know what they want: not just in relationships, but in life as well (myself, included). Because we all can identify with that fickleness, most of us are also aware what it feels like when something that was once pretty great ends up being, well, not.

While I'm a big advocate of accepting everything in life as a lesson, I'm also a huge fan of basking in the "anger" stage of coping with grief for as long as your fragile little heart needs to. Once you get over the denial of the situation, wake up and dance your heart out to 'deuces,' a playlist curated for the sole purpose of expressing every emotion you experience while making the conscious decision to move on.

This playlist is filled to the brim with angsty guilty-pleasure songs (hello, Alanis Morisette), overplayed pop ballads (think Katy Perry), and those tunes you really only listen to when shit hits the fan (anyone else put on "Fuck It" by Eamon and sing along way too aggressively?). There's a good range of eras, genres, and song subjects, so hopefully you shuffle through until you find the perfect song to jam unapologetically to - because it's amazing what one song can do when you hear it at the exact time your soul needs it.

Most of the songs in here are widely-known post-breakup ballads, but here are a few favorites to surely get you feeling better: "<3 (Heart)" by Cherub (an updated, more upbeat, pop/dance version of "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood... but don't worry, that's in here, too); "Almost" by Bowling for Soup (for when you finally come to terms that it's never going to work out); "Thinking of You" by Ke$ha (for when you realize you're gonna do bigger things in your life than dating said person); "Fly Solo" by Wiz Khalifa (for when you decide to get up and get your hu$tle on instead of feeling sorry for yourself); "Mine (Michael Keenan Remix)" by Phoebe Ryan (for when you're driving home and you realize you finally feel okay again); "Nothing Lasts Forever" by Maroon 5 (for when you come home after seeing he or she at a party and you're surprisingly unfazed); and "Loud Places" by Jamie xx (for when you low-key still kind of miss them but know you need to move on).


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