napalm skies

Napalm skies, 20-seconds-too-late
Your comments shot like comets
across a universe we once shared
The craters in our moons
exist to prove that something powerful
once happened here.

Eons apart in galaxies far, far away
I wonder if stars always arise
from black holes
—or is it the other way around?
And eventually the particles of your world
so potent, so magnetic
lose their stitching
just like everything else
until we are both hollow vacuums 
in lieu of the light we once emitted

burning through other people's nights
unbothered and unaware of
what kind of destruction
we may have left behind.

Burned the letters in broad daylight
because those days don't mean much to me anymore.

Tiny cities fade to black,
tiny love behind your back

Tiny moments I left behind are
tiny memories you'll never find.

Lost sight of the landing pad,
cut the cord and watched the 
lack of gravitational pull 
float it all away to
new faces,
I'll never get to know. 


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