mind + matter: a zine about mindfulness

Long time, no posting! Alas, I've been busy in the mean time with classes and internships. Speaking of which, I'm currently taking a class at NYU called Mindfulness and Meditation. Not only is it interesting and thought-provoking, but it's given me the tools to incorporate a daily mindful meditation practice into my morning routine. For my final project, we had complete creative freedom to make something that incorporated the aspects of mindfulness. I decided to make a zine about mindfulness, combining the content I've learned over the course of the semester with some of my own interests. The result is Mind + Matter magazine.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the subject, I'm hoping these articles can shed some light on a really amazing practice that has positively affected my life, and countless others as well. Here's the link to anyone who's interested: https://goo.gl/46YsWa. Feel free to share with others who you think this may benefit!


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